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Flo Mo. Black and white flash photography of flying fabrics.

Story of this project started when I went to collect some fabric material for an upcoming production shoot. Idea was to find fabric which is a great colour, it's not shiny and has great fluid motion. So as I found my wonderful fabrics in one of the east London markets I thought to test it out in front of the camera and see if it's the right material for the shoot. I put a few led panels for own reference and one Speedlight on camera directed straight towards the scene where I was throwing my fabrics like a maniac for an hour. Few things to consider when shooting alone without remote control (not sure where I lost it) setting camera on interval shooting. Mine looked pretty much like this: 20 Images every 2 seconds also consider manual focus. So all I had to think about is how to through this fabric in that Flo Mo way (Flow Motion). Great things came out when I started looking into images after loading to the computer. Noticed animal and waves shapes felt like Rorschach test. Have a look at my creations and let me know what you think.



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