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Hello all, my name is Ugne

In this post, I would like to introduce myself and introduce this blog. I am a 26 years old photographer based in London. Originally I am from Jurbarkas, Lithuania althoug

h I lived for many years in Kleipeda on the Baltic coast where I have fun memories and where I always want come back to inhale inspiration from truly magical nature.

London however is the place where I found my creative side. At first, I had never thought I could turn myself fully to the photography world, as it seemed too complicated and not just a snap away for good living. With time I learned to appreciate the complexity of being a photographer, exploring this art in both Scientific and Artistic wa

ys. Both equally wonderful. My Scientific exploration of photography started at university. In 2013 I enrolled at the University of Westminster, BSc (Hons) Photography and Digital Imaging Technologies course.The whole course felt like a massive headache, as I never had the greatest science background. It really felt like a different world at start, and I thought many times it was a mistake. BUT one day in the middle of my 3 years course I found the enlightening beauty in science that connected all dots to me. Things started to make sense. I found the motivation to learn the hardest, still most fascinating things, which thought me how to create with scientific knowledge which has been the most valuable achievement for me.

Photography has always been the problem-solving scenery: from why this light is too harsh? to what is the source? how can it be fixed? is there any equipment for that or maybe different a time and space? This is just a drop in the sea, the terror of problems are always there waiting.

There are many influencing factors to my photography, but major ones are art, science, philosophy and psychology.

The outcome of photography that I make is a natural force of curiosity of different things, seeing, feeling and observing.

When I decided to start this blog I had to come up with my

writing style and how this could look, but I think the best way is to reflect the same way as I create, naturally. For many years I have been learning the art of photography, gathering skills, diplomas, contacts, contracts and understanding how it works and most importantly, how could it work for me. I used to think that there must be a fine hidden recipe for this career.

But the more I give into photography and trust myself, the more I feel doomed because I realise there is no recipe. There is just you and your vision that you build through hard work (which most of the times you don't feel because you are so hyped on making something beautiful). I am pretty excited about photography as a human being, I love shooting beauty in any forms, from people, spaces to places.

When I was little I used to create artistic forms and pieces out of randomly found things. The process of making and creating was most enjoyable of all games. Even if the results would not meet my expectations at times, I would never stop creating. I guess I still have that child in me looking for pieces to build my creation. And I took photography as a tool to do that.

Talking about expectations of your work. I truly believe that when you raise the bar too much, it easily kills the nature of your creativity. Sometimes the beauty of creating art is that you can't fully predict results, since too many factors can influence and bend your work in many possible ways. Adaptation to every step is a better solution as a mental state. Photography has the same principle with regards to details. Small details often distract you from looking at the general image, this is why working on small things matters most to get a great outcome.

As for the purpose of this blog, it is intended to contain my thoughts of the moment and connect to those who are equally passionate about photography and creativity. Sharing is caring and see you around!


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