Ugne Pouwell

Ugne Pouwell

Ugne Pouwell is a fine art photographer originally from Jurbarkas, Lithuania. Today she does most of her creative work in London in the United Kingdom.

Ugne has been creating art for the past decade. Her inspiration is found in many places, mostly from travelling all around Europe, Iran, New York. This has influenced her creative style and process tremendously. Her main focus is on photography. In her own words: “Photography feels right for my own well being. It allows me to output various visions and ideas”

You see a clear focus on abstract and simple everyday objects. Simple objects are captured as they are. Every image made is the revelation of a perceptual self. Or, in other words, with every image Ugne reveals a part of herself. Every object is a symbol.

Ugne Pouwell’s main focus is on black and white photography. Her motivation and style is influenced by the likes of Carl Gustav Jung, Saul Leiter & Jonas Mekas. This results mainly in various abstract compositions. She tends to bring quite a lot of dark tones into her work. This is to intensity the emotions of the story or idea behind the object she is portraying; “I intend for others to experience the simplicity of subject matter, focusing mainly on its features and light”.

Interview with Laffaire Magazine March 9, 2018

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