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Black and white photography

Call it black and white, silver, monochrome, grayscale or 255 values.

What do you think when you look at black and white photography?

Does it have something different to tell then colour photography? We see the world as it is in colour, so why not to dive into the world of oneness and possibilities of 255 values.

Let's look at this example: have you ever felt your life got so much going on that you would shut some things and stay in peace for some period of your life. Colours are like feelings that can overwhelm sometimes. And as you look and the photograph, colour tells us too much, then we need to know as a viewer. All we need to know is one thing, without additives shaping our perception. I have nothing against colour they have their time and space. I guess minimalism lovers will know what I mean. Less is more.

I have a very strong relationship with black and white, not just producing the final images also supporting my photography as a method. There are two main methods that I have. #1 Capturing black and white in-camera profile. Usually, I shoot this way when I know that colours can be outstanding to look at the camera screen so it does not distract me from the object. Camera profiles do not affect your raw files, it only works on jpeg format. So even if you shoot raw, then it will only work on a camera screen and when you output into a computer, you'll have a raw colour file, raw only shoot colour. This way complimenting my visual perception.

Method #2 is proofing image while working on textures and details. Putting overlaying black and white layer can dramatically open your eye to see those distractions. As mentioned before every smallest dust can be a massive distraction to the overall perception of the viewer. Using black and white proofing is great for dodge and burn technique.

My black and white style is always been clean and punchy with just right low keys. Black and white can be also a good saviour when shooting in high ISO as noise compliments the image, that's a question of taste and the way of using your tools.

Reasons for choosing black and white over colour is very simple, enhancing the emotion. It's all subjective and it just my way of seeing. I would love to hear what is your perception of silver tones.



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